New England Home Tourz Offers Real Estate Marketing Products to Real Estate Professionals

Zillow Certified Real Estate Photographer

Zillow Certified Photographer   Zillow certified real estate photographers offer many benefits a traditional photographer cannot offer. Our 360° virtual tours and video walkthrough video tours offer a listing boost when uploaded through our Zillow portals.

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FAA Licensed Aerial Drone Photographer

Drone images offer unique and stunning aerial views of homes and properties. Drone photography is included with all of our photo packages unless weather or safety concerns arise while on location.

51 Depot Rd -120

Agent Branded Walkthrough Video Tours

We provide a 2 – 6 minute video walkthrough of the property with your Real Estate Agency’s Logo as well as the listing agent’s photo and contact information. The video is set to licensed music and covers the entire interior of the home and surrounding landscape. The video will not contain any logo or branding from Fall On Ray Media anywhere in the video. This is your marketing piece, not ours. We will provide a video link for you to share and post on your social media sites. As an added bonus, we will up load the branded video through our Zillow account for an added Zillow listing boost!

MLS Compliant Walkthrough Video Tours

The MLS compliant walkthrough video tour is the same as the branded video walkthrough tour–we just remove the agent and agency branding from the beginning and end of the video. The video will be hosted on Fall On Ray Media’s dedicated video platform to guarantee compliance with the MLS guidelines. Once completed, a video link will be available to add into the MLS system.

360° Virtual Home Tours

Fall On Ray Media uses 360° degree cameras to capture the interior and exterior of the home for potential buyers to take themselves on a self-guided 360° vitual tour of the home. When added to the marketing package, Fall On Ray Media will provide a separately hosted tour and a Zillow hosted tour for the property. The hosted tour can be shared on social media sites, websites, the MLS, and through text and email messages. The Zillow 3D tour, uploaded through our Zillow Certified account, provides a 7 day boost to the listing-in it’s home’s town. Zillow claims a listing with a video and a 3D virtual tour will add up to 3 times as many views and saves. 

Floor Plans

Floor plans help home buyers understand the layout, flow and size of a home. Our floor plans offer the interior dimensions of every room in the home. Once sent out for editing, the floor plans typically come back within one business day.

(Click on the floor plan for a larger view.)

Minor Photoshop Editing

When necessary we will replace the sky in the exterior images, add fire in a fireplace, add a picture of the exterior of the house to the TV screens, and perform basic object removals from images. This is offered at not additional charge, but may require additional editing time.

Dedicated Property Webpages

Dedicated property webpages are hosted here on Our dedicated property webpages make sharing your marketing efforts easy by having everything on one link and provide a major benefit in Google rankings for the property, your agency, and your agent.

Narrated Video Tour

Narrated video set with background music is also an option. I offer two types of narration, one by myself and one by “Radio Bob” Sherman. Narrated walkthrough video tours are much more detailed video presentation as we are able to highlight details of the home, location, and other amenities for the property.

YouTube Video Hosting

We also host your Branded Video Walkthrough tour on our YouTube Channel and link back to your website. Just like the dedicated website page aids in your Google ranking, the YouTube link boosts your agency page as well. 

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